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Cell phone boosters can eliminate dropped calls, enhance voice quality and maximize efficient data use.  Lock in a five-bar signal, even in the basement of your office, and the smartphone is transformed from a convenience to a real business tool.  Businesses who recognize the ability to capitalize on the wireless connectivity experienced by their employees have begun to understand the advantages of providing a cell phone signal repeater in their workplace.

Improving the cellular service in a building has a several benefits

  • Users can stay at their desks or work areas instead of having to find the places in the building or outside where they can make a clear, reliable call. Obviously, this can increase operational efficiency.  Looking to keep your workers more focused on the task at hand? Providing something as simple as having better cellular signal can do the trick.
  • Dropped or interrupted calls will drastically decrease with a properly size and installed cellular repeater.  Employees won’t be afraid to take that important call if they happen to be in the “wrong” room when the call comes in.
  • The ability to guarantee clear, full-strength cellular voice calls is one sure-fire way to return to one of those comforts we remember from the days of land-line phones: real conversations, full of tone, color and life.Crystal clear voice calls allow for better customer service and sales.  Customers or clients can become frustrated if they are not able to clearly understand what you or your employees are saying to them. Clear calls have more authority than a call where the person on the other end may be having to guess at some of what you are saying.  Many small business are migrating away from having desk phones and are using services like Grasshopper and eVoice.  JD Power studies show that the average user experiences 11 network quality problems per 100 connections (https://www.jdpower.com/business/press-releases/jd-power-2018-us-wireless-network-quality-performance-study).  If a business makes the decision to all mobile or mostly mobile, they had better have rock solid cell signal throughout their location.

    Cell signal through out the building is a must.

  • Battery life is increased on the phones in the boosted building.All phones search for the best signal. If you have no signal or poor signal, your phone will constantly be searching, trying to find a better signal.  This benefit could potentially be measured in hours of additional talk time.
  • While it is an unpleasant aspect to think about, a building with good cell signal is safer than one without it. Having mobile communications allows employees to notify law enforcement, first responders, and each other of what is going on.  K12 schools have begun training students to set their phones to mute and start communicating via text message in the event of an active shooter.
  • In the event of a natural disaster, a signal booster can potentially even make up for the local cell tower being out of commission. Using the automatic gain control found in modern boosters, the booster may be able to provide signal from the tower that is the next closest.
  • While we recommend having a good ISP and solid WiFi, good cellular data in the building provides a reliable backup connection during any ISP outages.The signal booster can be part of a larger business continuity plan.
  • Commercial building owners, MFD owners, and retail locations can attract and retain more customers and tenants if their location isn’t a cell signal dead zone. Cellular signal is like a utility that users just won’t do without.
  • If you plan on retaining millennial employees and don’t have good cell signal in your office – Good Luck! Millenials expect LTE everywhere they are, all the time.  Go ahead and make your office millennial friendly with a signal booster.

    Connectivity-addicted Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce.

If you’d like to find out more, you can read our post on why you might have poor signal in your building and our post on how we go about improving the signal in your building.  If you’re ready to take the next in achieving all the benefits of having good signal in your business or building, contact us at 501-392-5755 or using the contact form below.