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Technology Integration, Deployment, and Troubleshooting

Us showing a long list of the services we offer doesn’t mean much if we can’t integrate these services to provide a cohesive solution with one goal – support your business objectives.  Due to our systems integration experience on a wide range of technologies, we are not at the mercy of a single vendor.  We have the experience to come up with a step-wise plan to get you from where your organization is struggling with technology to where you are winning with technology.  If a monthly recurring payment is not for you, we can work with you to come up with an incident-based approach to solving your IT issues.  We’ve been able to remediate systems that other vendors just walked away from, but just save your money and go with us from the start.

Managed Services and Monitoring

We are watching the network 24/7, looking for issues, and taking a pro-active approach.  There are times when we are working on issues before the customer even knows there’s a problem.  Whether it takes remote-access or a technician on-site, we’ll get your systems back up so you can continue to focus on your business.  By monitoring and reporting on key system metrics, we can assess the health of the network and advise on a course of action.  Let us take care of keeping systems up-to-date and upgraded to the recommended software versions

C Squared Networks also provides cybersecurity protections with all of the services we offer.  Endpoint, email, business continuity and disaster recovery, secure wireless, secure remote access, end user cybersecurity training and awareness is all a part of the package of services we offer.

C Squared Networks is committed to being a long-term partner that you can trust because we stand behind the solutions we provide.  We’ll collaborate with you on what your business goals are, then come up with a cost-effective strategy and implementation plan.  We’ll handle the IT infrastructure so you can focus on what your business and what you do well.

To start off the new year, we are offering small businesses a free cybersecurity assessment.  Many small businesses are unaware of the risks and vulnerabilities that are present in their systems.  Use the form below to start the process of protection yourself and your business.