Cloud and Virtualization

How much of an IT infrastructure do you need on-site, and which functions can be moved to the cloud is a strategic decision.  Cloud computing allows organizations the flexibility to transition from a CapEx to OpEx model for IT spending.  We help our clients determine which functions can be moved to the cloud, which can be kept or virtualized locally, and if a hybrid solution is the best fit.  Virtualization of on-site servers can consolidate hardware to reduce CapEx as well as power and cooling OpEx.

Wireless and mobility

Providing secure wireless to your employees or safe guest wireless Internet access to your customers is a requirement in most settings.  We have the tools and experience to conduct large-scale wireless site surveys and design processes.  Whether it’s employee access, warehouse bar code readers, or the IoT (Internet of Things), high-performance WiFi networks enable business.  Today, every business is a mobile business and BYOD is happening whether you are managing it or not.  Our mobile device management and mobile security technologies prevent cybercriminals from sneaking into your network by walking right through the front door (in your employee’s smartphone).


If the underlying network infrastructure has been designed properly, Voice can become another cloud service.  VoIP services can do more than just provide ringtone.  VoIP services allow you to communicate from a desktop phone, laptop, mobile app, instant messaging, and can be integrated collaboration or customer service platforms.  Employees can use phones in remote, temporary, or home offices and their extension will still act like their sitting down the hall.  In the case of an extended network or power outage, calls can be automatically routed to users’ cell phones, allowing continuity of operations.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data loss is a nightmare.  With our automatic backup solutions, it doesn’t have to happen.  Vital business data can be backed and restored from the cloud, with the added benefit of making that data available to remote and mobile employees.